About our Dogs

Our 2 beautiful loving family Goldens, Bailey – our mommy, and Parker – our daddy, who sleep at the foot of our beds, have made a group of 11 beautiful Golden Retriever puppies. These 11 puppies, 5 boys and 6 girls, are growing up fast and we are loving every minute of the process.

The Golden puppies were born on November 16th, starting at 11:05pm with the arrival of Pink, our first baby girl, and continuing until 3:03am, we 10 puppies born. Then surprise surprise surprise, our last baby boy, Light Green, showed up at 5:50am.

The 11 beautiful Golden puppies range from light creamy, to darker golden. Our registered Golden’s, Bailey and Parker, have diverse parents, from liver reddish to creamy white and deep golden. Bailey is a big beautiful creamy and light golden blend with a flirtatious personality. Parker is a handsome frilly boy with the most pleasing personality.

Each of the 11 puppies are developing their own unique personalities. Our “big boy” Gray is a sleepy head. Our “adventurous girl” Red is exploring all corners of the welping box. Each puppy is a heart warming golden bit of sunshine with visions of a perfect home to fill with Golden Puppy Joy.